• Natalie Lewis

    Natalie Lewis is the President of REC and is a NC General Contractor and Real Estate Agent.  She has a background in Medical Laborotory Science though she has managed the business side of her family’s construction business for the past several years. 

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  • Al Lewis

    Al Lewis is REC’s Project Manager and has been in the construction field since 1985. He’s the owner and general contractor of Al Lewis Construction, LLC. He has completed the Solar Design & Installation and the Commercial Scale PV courses at Appalachian State University and the Solar Thermal Design  & Installation course at Caldwell Community College.

  • Mike Page

    Mike Page is the President of Solar Powered Energy Generating Systems (SPEGS) and is REC’s Senior Consultant. He has a background in construction and has worked in the solar industry since the early 1990’s. He is an inventor of solar products and has a vast knowledge in solar pv and solar thermal applications.

  • Gary Sigmon

    Gary Sigmon, an installer for REC, has been in the construction field for many years and has worked with this team as crew leader since 1999.  He has completed his Solar Thermal Design & Installation course and  has participated in several solar installations.

  • Dan Haigler

    Dan Haigler has worked with the team since 2000 and has completed the Solar Thermal Design & Installation course at Caldwell Community College.