St Petersburg College, Florida


49.8 kw ground mount system installed at St Petersburg College in Florida.


Dobson, NC Roof and Ground Mount

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This 7.95 KW system installed in Dobson, NC was grid tie with battery back up  and consisted of both roof and ground mount.  Solar World Panels  – 265 W, Iron Ridge racking and SolarEdge inverters and Power Box Optimizers.  All a pleasure to work with.

2012 Energy Conference

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Savannah Teaming with Austrian City to Prepare 2012 Energy Conference

The early stages of an exciting partnership between two cities could end up bringing a major energy conference to the southeast region in 2012. The city of Savannah has partnered up with Weis, Austria in an attempt to bring major energy discussions into the area.

The partnership is expected to be the first project in a long line of strategies and plans geared to improve business and economic growth through energy. The major goal of the partnership is to establish the first International Renewable Energy Conference, which would take place in November 2012.

Officials from the Austrian city have already traveled to Savannah in an effort to kick start some immediate discussions about the planned conference. Both cities had originally hoped the conference could take place this year, however one of the key organizers fell ill during the planning stages.

Officials said that there will also be a planning partnership between students at Georgia Tech and students from the Upper Austria University of Applied Sciences. They will work together to analyze the sustainability and energy efficiency in Savannah apartment complexes, housing communities, and building structures in an effort for a complete city-upgrade.

Officials from both cities believe that an energy conference of this kind can bring some major participants to the area. The Austrian city recently held their own energy conference which attracted hundreds of thousands of people to their area for a three day conference. Weis is widely recognized as one of the leading cities in sustainability and energy renewal, which makes the partnership with Savannah so valuable in the long run.

The planning process will now move on to the stage of finding major corporate sponsors and world renowned speakers for the event. Achieving these goals can give the conference a head start on early attendees and building a base of support.

Leaders believe that not only can a conference of this size bring major visitors to the area for a well rounded energy meeting, but it can also position the city of Savannah as a national leader in clean and renewable energy. With Weis being recognized by many as a leading city in sustainable and renewable energy, Savannah’s move to begin a partnership with the Austrian city should be hugely beneficial in the long run.

Paige Taylor

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