Our Mission

We provide reliable, efficient installations of renewable energy to our valued clients. From operating as subcontractors for larger corporations to serving small businesses and homeowners, the promise of quality and integrity is our goal at Renewable Energy Contractors. As professional contractors and installers of solar, wind and other renewable energy systems we are very qualified to assist you with your installation needs. REC can also help with renewable energy grants both federal and state as well as renewable energy tax incentives. We have invaluable experience with large solar farm systems and residential solar and wind energy installations.

Our Philosophy

REC believes in hard work, reliability and planning ahead. From experience we find that each install is unique and often challenging. That is when you need a team that is able to plan in advance, think on its feet, making suggestions and decisions that will streamline the process. We will travel to any site in the world to facilitate an efficient installation in a businesslike manner while saving you time, money and giving you and your company peace of mind on a job well done.

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